English versions of French and European procurement RfPs

An Innovative Service offers, amongst other tailored services, full support across all aspects of the RFP process including preparation, review, and tendering of investment mandates.

The RFP support service

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    Free Pre Alerts and Alerts on new relevant mandates, from key institutional investors, direct to your inbox.

  • Questionnaires

    Translated in English and available for purchase directly from our Website, at a fraction of the cost of traditional translators.

  • Responses

    Handled by Fastnet Translation , our financial translation specialist in RfP submissions (among other things).

Save time and resources and multiply your chances of winning.

What the SHOP has to offer


In order to translate and advise on an RFP effectively, knowing the language and basics alone is not enough. A thorough understanding of the industry and its terminology is essential. Though some traditional translators have progressively accumulated expertise in the area, asset managers will attest to the existence of next to no 'traditional translators', who are able to without error, correctly translate such documentation. With sales staff sometimes lacking the time and objectivity to answer effectively.


Exclusively serving the asset management industry means we are able to offer a highly reactive and tailored service. We have an in depth understanding of the goals, needs, and timelines of our clients. We pride ourselves on offering cost effective and time saving solutions. Subscribers are able to download the English translation of a newly issued questionnaire only a few hours after its release. This allows them gain precious time when deciding whether or not to compete. Our additional service ensure that should you decide to proceed, you'll increase your chances of success.


We have countless questionnaires and RFPs behind us. 25 years spent in financial markets, 15 in asset management, means first-hand knowledge serving a full range of institutional clients and searches. Our experience covers active and passive management, all asset classes, restricted RFPs, fund selection, manager selection, security services and more.

Price translates all documents internally. Our model enables us to offer them at a fraction of the cost of traditional translators. Our further solutions ensure that both time and resources continue to be maximised through the remainder of the process. Clients who use multiple services are able to benefit from further cost reductions and subscription rates.

A radical transformation of the submission process

The two diagrams below show how BOUTIQUE allows you to radically transform how you bid on an RfP.

Responding to a call for tender: A classical nightmare

MySmart offers a solution

Have you ever wondered...

...why, in an age when, by the time your centralised RfP team gets to work on submitting a proposal, your French competitors already have a two-week head start? investment management firms can share costs in translating RfP files?

...why up to 10% of management fees in the first year of a mandate are spent on translation?*

...why putting a proposal together is so stressful (the best way to submit a subpar or disastrous bid)?

*Based on the example of a full RfP package from FRR (the French public-sector pension fund) and the submission for a €100m equity mandate at a hypothetical rate of 25 bp and a translation cost of €0.20 per word. makes it simple

We get ahead of the game in providing you with an English version of the RfP within 48 hours after it is issued.

Time saved: 2 weeks

Our model allows us to provide asset management-quality translated documents at 50% of the price of a conventional translator.

Translation budget: halved

Our sister company, Fastnet Translation , translates and delivers submission packages in “client-ready” quality within four days on average. Fastnet Translation works with asset-management professionals and specialises, among other things, in RfP submissions.

Q&A sessions with institutional clients during the RfP process are translated free of charge for clients who buy a package.

MySmartRFP. com can save you considerable time and valuable resources.

  • Reduce your translation budget and use it to respond to more tenders.
  • Allow your response team to get to work much faster and compete against French competitors with the same weapons.
  • Avoid using your business resources to do translation or proofreading for several days, task that is not theirs and which, in the end, makes the cost of tendering prohibitive.