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 What is offering?

Alerts : Free Pre Alerts and Alerts on new relevant mandates, from key institutional investors, direct into your inbox.

Questionnaires : Translated in English and available for purchase directly from our Website, at a fraction of the cost of traditional translators.

Responses : Translated back into French accurately, quickly, and under the strictest confidentiality.

RFP Advisory Services : Guidance on how to revise and refine your responses from seasoned professionals, who know first hand what French Institutional Investors are looking for.

Bespoke Consulting & Support : Tailor made offerings to meet the needs of our clients, from advising on regulatory matters, to coordinating roadshows. can support your entry and development in the French market in a way that works for you.

 How do I pay for my order?

Once you have found the reference of the document you are interested in, click on the "Add to cart" then "Proceed to checkout", chose your method of payment and follow the instructions.

 Can I download my file from ?

Yes, once you placed your purchase you will be able to download your document directly from your account, section "My Downloads".

 What is the intra-Community VAT number?

The intra community VAT number is your VAT number. It allows to compensate VAT between countries. If your are ordering your file from outside France, we won't charge you with the French VAT.

 Is the official consultant for French institutional investors ?

No, is an independent company providing service to the Asset Management companies who want to build or reinforce their activity on the French market.

 Should we go through to answer?

No, can physicaly deliver the files for you, should you ask for it, but Institutional accounts use well secured processes and portals to organise the timely and safe delivery of documents. The process is generally described in the Rules of Consultation documents which are part of the tender file.

 What are the deadlines for translating responses to RFPs?

We can translate your response into French within between 2 and 4 days. For 1st round questionnaires, we'll do it in 2 days and for 2nd round questionnaires, in 4 days minimum.

 How do I receive alerts?

When you create your account, check the box "Sign up for our alert system".

 Is Brexit an Issue to participate to French public RFPs?

Not yet, since UK is still in the Union for some time, and once the UK has gone out, the UK companies can ask one of their subsidiaries anywhere in the Union to get a European passport. Once it materialises, the Brexit will only be an issue for companies which have no other offices in Europe than in the UK.

 How to ask questions to the contracting authority?

The institutional accounts organise Q&A sessions which we will translate free of charge for clients who bought the files with us. If necessary we can ask the questions for you.